Tuesday, November 14, 2006


'Marketing Your Band On MySpace' - eBook Added to Space Hogs Members Area

"Marketing Your Band On MySpace" by Mr. Blue to the members area.

Space Hoggers can log in and access the ebook, according to Black.You can only get this book thru the membership site.

Black says, "We've completed the new eBook: "Marketing Your Band On MySpace" which is a great addition to our growing member's area. Whether or not you're a band member you'll find lots of interesting info inside this short report and you'll find it an excellent read - as is everything written by Mr. Blue!

If you're already a SpaceHogger simply login to the member's area and you should see this new eBook in the downloads section just waiting for you to click to download and HOG UP!

P.S. I have to say that the best part of the Spacehogs Membership would have to be the SUPPORT FORUM. There are many Knowledgable Marketers there, with awesome tips to help with the learning curve.

You will also find some Hidden Nuggets on all types of internet marketing.

If you're not yet an official SpaceHogger this serves as yet another reason why you need to join ASAP!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Extra, Extra, Read All About It!!!

The Gazette reports about the domination of the Social Networking Sites by the SpaceHogs!

Now you can Join this Supergroup of Marketers for a limited time.
They have opened the doors to Financial Freedom for serious IMers to join in their triumph over the Web.
So click the link and Read all about how you to can Hog up the profits!!!
SpaceHoggers Unite

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